Things You Must Know Before Purchasing a Mobile Tracking Application

If you wish to buy a mobile tracking application to ensure your kid’s security and safety, then you should know that not all location tracking apps are created equally.

That is why, when it comes to keeping your loved one safe, it is important to fully understand the application, its services, features, terms, reliability and accuracy. We know it can be tempting to opt for the least expensive services, but that comes at a cost.

So, to help you, we are drafting this article with important information you must know before purchasing a mobile tracking application.


1- Accuracy of the tracking and frequency of updates

This one is a no brainer. What good is a mobile tracking application if it isn’t accurate?

Many free and discounted services have infrequent updates, have problems with monitoring or go to sleep mode when needed the most.

When it comes to tracking the movements of your special loved ones, every second counts, that is why it is best to opt for applications that promise reliable and proactive alerts frequently. It must also feature a call history tracker so you can keep track of who your kid speaks to frequently.

2- Reliability of the alerts

Many tracking applications have limitations. For instance, some trackers are set up only to offer alerts when the device enters or leaves the geofence area. In comparison, others may limit the number of geofences. This means you will only get alerts at home or school, but what about unknown places?

Opt for a tracking application that is designed to learn and work proactively as per your loved one’s routine. It must have unlimited automatic geofencing to prevent any emergency situations from happening in the first place.

3- Monitoring capability 

Although some applications are capable of offering transit tracking, the capability is typically limited. You may require to turn it on manually.

Some applications may have the ability to show the routes but may not provide alerts for potentially dire situations.

So, opt for a tracking application that offers live tracking for each and every transit. You must be able to track live routes, get updated ETA, obtain alerts for unexpected stops, details on reaching the right stop but not entering the safe zone like the home or school building.

4- Other capabilities and SOS features

Being able to communicate with your loved ones and listening to what is going on while they are in a dangerous situation is something everyone expects. But, not all applications make this happen.

Reliable applications make it possible to make a call immediately and answer automatically without the need for pressing any button.

There is also an SOS button that can be pressed to let you know that your loved ones are in immediate need of your help.

Bottom line

Top-level security is a must, especially if you have a child, teen, special needs kid or adult.

Just ensure that you consider the information mentioned above beforehand to purchase only the best location tracking app for added peace of mind and complete security of your loved one.