Looking For Affordable Orchard Serviced Apartments?

Are you looking for an affordable housing facility near Orchard Road, Singapore? Orchard Serviced apartments come with various facilities and features. As you may know, Orchard is the shopping paradise of Singapore. Having a cosy apartment at such a place can really benefit you in a great many ways.

The first thing that may come to your mind when thinking of getting an apartment in Orchard is the cost. Worry not! Now you can get many apartments at affordable prices along with all the services that come with serviced apartments. Facilities like free Wi-Fi, gym, 24-hour concierge services, etc will be all included with your rent.

What’s Special In Orchard Serviced Apartments?

As mentioned above, the main reason why anyone would take an apartment at the Orchard Road is that it is considered the shopping paradise of Singapore. You will have everything near your home. You can also enjoy premium facilities at your apartment in Orchard.

Serviced apartments in Orchards are not just for bachelors or couples. These apartments can be used by families as well, which is why they are always in high demand. Business travellers will also be convenient since the Central Business District (CBD) is very close to Orchard Road.


Living in Singapore is a privilege for anyone, at the same time if you can have Orchard serviced apartments at affordable pricing, there is nothing more that you will need. You can save a load on regular traveling expenses. So, stop thinking and start looking for some of the best, Serviced apartments at Orchard Road, Singapore.