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Eating Healthy Just Got Easier with deveined prawns

Ready to try some deveined prawns? These tasty seafood snacks contain minimal fat and are low in calories, making them the perfect choice to include in your healthy diet. Plus, these peeled and deveined prawns can be found in the seafood aisle of many grocery stores near you! Here’s how to prepare them and why you should be eating more of them as part of your balanced diet.

Keep it simple, but tasty

One of the main reasons people avoid eating fresh prawns is that they don’t know how to clean them. However, prawn cleaning is easy and only takes a few seconds. All you need to do is remove any remaining heads, remove their back legs, wash and dry thoroughly and you’re ready to go. By purchasing peeled and deveined prawns from your local retailer or grocer you can ensure that you have access to great-tasting seafood without having to deal with shells or cleaning up afterwards. Eating healthy just got easier.

Store properly

Because deveined prawns yourself allows you to control how they’re stored, it’s a great way to make sure that they won’t spoil too quickly. Keep them in sealed plastic bags until you’re ready to use them and don’t store them in airtight containers (the prawn oils will permeate anything porous). When it comes time to cook, only open what you need and try not to handle them too much before cooking. Handling your deveined prawns just as little as possible will decrease their exposure to any bacteria or virus they may have picked up while on display at your grocer.