Attending a Bar That Plays Jazz

Anyone that tries to make it seem like a certain genre of music is always going to end up being far superior to anything else that you might prefer listening to based on the manner in which you have currently chosen to end up living your life is actually a lot more ignorant than they think they are. Music is music and for the most part music is made to be enjoyed. However, some people are going to want to listen to tunes that have an artistic appeal to them, something that was made with a lot of thought having been put into it concerning things like harmony and the like.

If you are a more discerning music listener then jazz can often be a great option for you to explore, and finding Grand Rapids bars that have live jazz music can be a great way to start getting into this incredible genre of music. When you first listen to jazz you might think that the person that’s playing any particular instrument is not all that great due to the reason that they are playing so many wrong notes, but these wrong notes are what make jazz so amazing in the first place.

The whole point of jazz is that it involves analyzing and understanding the basic harmonic structure of music and then breaking whatever rules you feel are getting in the way of your artistic expression. There is an art that is associated with playing wrong notes the right way. The placement of these notes matter a lot as well, so while you are enjoying a drink at a jazz bar you should pay attention to what wrong notes are being played and when.