About velvet


Many of the luxury fabrics still used today, were previously associated with and available to royalty and the very wealthy only, leaving the masses in awe of their untouchability. One of the most sensual fabrics with such an exclusive history is velvet. With a past that dates back to 2000BC in Egypt, velvet carried an elite reputation from the robes of royalty, to a staple fabric during the medieval era into the renaissance and finally through the 20s flapper craze on into today.

The Dutch
Velvet can be made out of different fibres and blends, which all have their own history. When in early 1900 the silk yarn, which was most often used for velvets, became scarce, manufacturers turned to other fibres, like linen, cotton and rayon. The Dutch managed to use single yarn in cotton, which gave the product most lustre and a real boost, as velvets became available for the wider public.


For royalty or the common man
One reason velvet was so popular with nobility and still appreciated today, is due to the rich colours of a dyed velvet. In the past mainly in black, purple and the popular reds, but nowadays any imaginable colour can be produced in velvet. With its unmistakable beauty and lustre, velvet has earned its place as one of the finest and most beautiful fabrics, whether for royalty or the common man.

Funky twist
Velvet is often used for curtains, cushions, throws and upholstery. We at TheVelvetLab® also offer various other products that are finished with velvet, which give these products a funky twist. And by giving our customers the opportunity to finish the products to their own choice (out of more then 80 velvets!) your product of TheVelvetLab® becomes unique!

We just love velvets
TheVelvetLab® has the world’s first online showroom showcasing products exclusively finished with the highest quality ‘Royal Dutch Velvets’. Our products combine the sumptuousness feel of this classic fabric with the look of a decant Future World. Our velvets are unmistakeably exclusive and very befitting of any home interior or renowned boutique hotel, nightclub, restaurant or any other space where people like to relax and celebrate life. The remarkable textures of our velvets will truly caress your senses. It is so incredibly soft and smooth that you will not be able to stop touching it! That is why we at TheVelvetLab® just love velvets!

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